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Do you know what we usually do during Chinese Spring Festival?

Jan. 21, 2020

Chinese Spring Festival is the most important holiday for all Chinese. Do you know what we usually do during the festival?

Chinese Spring Festival rush is a very huge challenge for the traffic. In order to reunion with our families, hundred millions people are moving like ants, the scene is very spectacular. Wherever you are, no matter how far it is, during this 7~15days holiday we are so eager to go home to get together with our parents and relatives.

The kids are happiest. Because they will received many red envelop from adult, there are lucky money in the red envelop. Probably not too much money, but they are filled with hopes that hope children can be happy, grow healthy. The elders will also get red envelop, they are filled with respect and thanksgiving and hope they are healthy.

On the Chinese New Year Eve, we will put to spring couplets, hang red lanterns then have Family reunion dinner. The dinner is very rich and ceremonious. Different place has different traditional recipe. But Fish is necessary, because it symbolized in the New Year you will be safe, healthy and rich. Many special recipe we seldom have opportunity to eat in usual.

After having family reunion dinner, all people will sit in the front of TV before 20:00, because Spring Festival Gala has become a habit for many years. And these recent years Alibaba launch Collect five lucky card is also quite popular. Many people will not go to bed until 24:00, because at the 24:00 of Chinese New Year we will set off fire cracks and fireworks to celebrate.

On the first day of Chinese New year, we will visit temple fairs or mass pageant, during the days will visit our relatives and friends. In a word, Chinese New Year is very interesting, you can feel the culture difference between Christmas and Spring Festival.

Beishute underpads factory and sanitary pads factory will close for Chinese New year holiday from Jan 22 to Jan 30, 2020. Happy Chinese New Year.

Do you know what we usually do during Chinese Spring Festival?cid=13