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    • OR turnover kit Anti-Slip
    • OR turnover kit Anti-Slip
    • OR turnover kit Anti-Slip
  • OR turnover kit Anti-Slip
  • OR turnover kit Anti-Slip
  • OR turnover kit Anti-Slip

OR turnover kit Anti-Slip

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Indications for use:

OR turnover kit is used to easily and efficiently set up and clean up the OR Table before and after surgery. The sheet helps boost efficiency in the Operatin Room, protect the OR table with the impervious covers and protect the patient's skin with absorption of bodily fluids.

OR turnover kit anti-slip features:

1)Ideal for overnight use, heavy incontinence and big surgical operation.

2)High quality non-woven fabrics as top layer is clean and dry. Cotton fabric feeling and soft.
3) The absorbing layer is composed of fuzz pulp coated by tissue paper and high polymer absorbing resin.

4) The bottom film is high quality flow casting film, never leaking water, anti-slip. It effectively prevents clothing dirty due to liquid spilling and penetrating, and Provide maximum coverage and protection.

Structure of the OR turnover kit anti slip:

● Non-woven fabric or biodegradable material


● Fluff Pulp

● Anti slip back sheet

● Tissue

● Hot melt adhesive

Latex free!

OR Turnover Kits contain flowing components, can be customized according to your request:

OR Table sheet (1pc), Draw/Lift sheet (1pc), Arm board covers(2pcs), Head Position Cover(1pc)

Size: 90x100cm(36”x40”), 90x120cm(36”x48”), 90x180cm(36”x70”), 90x200cm(36”x78”), 100x200cm(40”x80''  ).

OEM/ODM is available. The size, weight, SAP weight, color and packaging of OR turnover kit can be adjusted according to customer's requirement.


A: Are you a trade company or a manufacturer?
We are professional underpad manufacturer specialized in disposable underpad over 25 years production experience.

B: What is your delivery date?
For the first trial order, it need 30 days

C: What is your MOQ?
One 40HQ for 1size .

D: Can you send free samples?
Yes, samples are all free but the Express cost is at your side.

E: Where is your factory?
Add: No.3 Yuanguang Street. Beijing 101500. China.