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How to deal with the waste is a great challenge for human being.

Nov. 06, 2019

Bio gradable disposable hygiene products will be a trend Since China issued the ban import of waste from 2017, more and more South Asia Countries said No to the polluted waste from other countries. So you can see many containers were rejected and were shipped back. How to deal with the waste is a great challenge for human being. It is hard to imagine that how will our life be if the waste is piling up? We need take immediate action to protect our earth environment. For the disposable hygiene product,such as underpads, sanitary pads and diapers, normally not all parts are bio gradable. The main components including Non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, tissue paper, super absorbent polymer, adhesive, PE film. The tissue paper and fluff pulp are bio gradable, and some manufacturers can produce bio gradable PLA, soybean, bamboo, cotton fiber non-woven fabric and PLA PE film.But after calculating, the cost is much higher 4~6 times than regular products. We believe that more and more factories will produce the bio gradable material even including the supper absorbent polymer (many R&D teams are researching it), this must be a trend and the cost will be cut down. We are also trialing the new bio gradable material and focus on it and try our best to promote it.