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Beishute Yuezizai menstrual underwear launched on market in August 2019

These two years, one feminine product is becoming a black horse and developing quickly in Chinese Market. That is menstrual underwear. Most women prefer to use tampons and sanitary napkins, recently more and more women are using disposable menstrual underwear at night and during travelling.  Beishute Yuezizai menstrual underwear launched on market in August 2019.


The menstrual underwear is not recommended on daily use. It is suitable for overnight, when sleep you can turn over freely, unnecessary to worry about its leakage contaminate your bed linen and cover. It is soft and comfortable. Perfect for heavy flow period. Our many colleagues before never use this product, always use overnight pads, but it is very easily to leak and contaminate, since they trialed this underwear, they abandon their overnight pads, the pads are too heavy, long and not comfortable, most important overnight pads is not secure for leakage.


Is it too complicated to wear and remove? Absolutely no. You can wear it directly like normal underwear. Tear along the tearing line on left and right sides directly. It is very simple.


The price is not too expensive. In market there are usually 2~3pcs per pack, RMB5.9~10 per pack, every period use two or three piece is enough, it is affordable for most of women, so more and more women choose it. Because many people found the potential market opportunities, more and more factories invest production line or search other factory to OEM to enrich their product series, the competition will be fierce.

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