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Is the price of Medical under pads important?

Is the price of Medical under pads important?

Many customers who want to produce Under pads ask me the same question :  can you give me a quote? Why is your price so high!  Of cause It is the guest's right to looking for the lowest  price,    Hasn't  it ever occurred to you the same Under pads ,  Why the factory  different and the prices are  different?

There are many disposable under pads factories in China and they are all different. such as Beijing Beishute specialized in underpads, sanitary napkin and incontinence pads since 1995, have FDA,CE, ISO9001, ISO13485.   Many world top 500 enterprises have  cooperation and technical exchanges with our company, Our factory is absolutely up to international standard, in addition, We have our own r&d team, and we got a lot of product patents,Our raw materials mainly come from America and Japan, Sometimes, we also buy some hot melt glue from Germany.

IF you want to OEM Medical Under pads How do you choose a factory? What do you think is the most important, the price or quality?

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