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Beishute held variety show

Oct.1st is the national day of China, In order to celebrate this great festival, Beishute underpad factory held a wonderful evening party. Autumn is a harvest festival, from the beginning of 2018 to October, our sales is increasing much more than last year, it means that our workers are busier, though all of us are busy, but we are happy, especially the sales volume of our premium underpads and incontinence pads are expanded greatly in US and European market. Quality first is always our conception. In order to make this evening party more interesting and wonderful, Staff s of each department took their spare time to prepare program, singing, dancing, we were so happy. Finally, everyone got gifts, these were given by Beishute to thanks every Beishute staff.

                                                               Beishute President Mrs Li qiuhong

                                                                      Beishtue Jefcare General Manager Mr Liu xinhong

                                                          The colleagues in the export department are dancing 

                                                                     The employee recited a poem

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