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Beishute sign contract with China Armed Police General Hospital

In order to promote the transformation of medical results in the clinical nursing field and the integration of medical research and development enterprises, the China Research Hospitals Association Nursing Branch held a clinical nursing innovation incubation meeting in Nanjing on July 14. Nearly 30 clinical patent projects were presented at the conference.

Representatives of hospital and enterprise Sign Contract

Beishute President Mrs Li qiuhong(Right 3) and experts

Beishtue Jefcare General Manager Mr Liu xinhong

Mrs Ji Huiru, Clinical healthcare expert from China  Armed Police General Hospital

In fact, Beishute has been engaged in the production and research and development of disposable absorption products for 24 years. It has advanced technology of dryness and breathability and becoming leader of China hygiene product industry, exported to nearly 30 countries in Europe and America. Medical underpad products have obtained a number of international certifications and patents. In China, cooperation with medical institutions has always been the strategic will of the development of Beishute, and the platform of the China Research Hospitals Training Branch is exactly what Beishute is always looking for. Liu Xinhong, general manager of Beishute said“ Mrs. Ji Huiru provided reliable clinical data and professional advice on the design of Beishute Jefcare medical underpads“. At present, Jefcare medical underpad products have begun to enter in to Chinese market and cooperate with many hospitals across the country. Focus on the clinical observation in the multi-disciplinary department of the Armed Police General Hospital, and the observation results have been published. Under the framework of the China Research Hospitals Association Nursing Branch, the cooperation between the two sides has continued to deepen. Now, Beishute has already started a deeper clinical project cooperation with the Armed Police General Hospital, and through this conference, the company has signed with the Armed Police General Hospital. The cooperation project book will continue to expand and transform the results of scientific research projects.

Finally, Beishute R&D director Mr Zhangjie on behalf of Beishute signed the cooperation contract with the Armed Police General Hospital.


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