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Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

Chinese New Year is coming! All Chinese are getting excited and looking forward to this bigggest festival over the year. It is a time for have a family reunion, It is a time to look to the future, longing for better days coming with happieness, fortune and health.

Beishute is a factory manufacturing sanitary napkins for female and medical under pads for seniors and hospitals, which need to cater the needs of patients.

Our factory has worked out the reasonable schedule 2 month ahead for holiday:

For domestic markets, we have enough stock of different size of sanitary napkin  based on the sales volume shown in first season.

For overseas customers, we have discussed about their orders and keep their shelf full during the holiday. All of the orders has been delivered and all of the material ready for new orders after the holiday.

Wish everyone here have a big celebration for the Chinese New Year!

Feb.12 to Feb.21,2018.

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