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Jefcare underpads are welcomed on China 2017 Medical care Forum

On Oct. 14, 2017, China 2017 medical care forum was held in Nanjing. The subject of this forum was “innovation, leader, and development”, purpose is to enjoy experience of medical care science, enhance research and innovation awareness of caregivers, build good academy atmosphere, and promote care innovation. There were 462 researches and 468 innovations participating this conference. Finally 20 researches and 34 innovations got the award.

As a professional manufacturer of underpads, Jefcare was invited to exhibit on this forum. Jefcare’s exquisite packaging, advanced technology and professional clinical data attracted many audiences and experts. During communication, they showed great interesting on Beishute background, application field and Jefcare underpads' unique function of anti pressure ulcer.

Jefcare is a medical care brand under Beishute , focus on researching and developing absorbent hygiene products for 23 years. Jefcare underpads own several domestic and abroad patents, have already cooperated successfully with many hospitals. The main feature of Jefcare underpads are breathable, fast absorbent, lock liquids quickly and absorbent core without bunching up after wetting, reduce the possibility of pressure ulcer.

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