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Perfect Teamwork

Beishute is the manufacturer of sanitary napkin, incontinence pads and medical underpads, which has more than 20 years’ experience on healthcare production. We supplied the products to the customers through all over the world. High and effective teamwork is the key point to keep everything goes on well. When we get the schedule of the customer visiting our company, we will do much prepare work with many departments. Especially for the overseas customers, all the departments of Beishute collaborate very well, which can supply the accurate and best service for customers. As a member of Beishute international sales team having a professional and strong sense of customer-service, with a real understanding of how to treat customers; those who are previously involved in the future. To assist Factory and Quality Team with customer visits and offer technical input on development of product design. We insist on that best service can bring great gains.

About Beishute
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